Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Sunrise Photo 2011 December 17

       Nope!  No sunrise photo today.

 I slept in.  'Till 8:30. Then laid abed until 9 waiting for the kitchen staff to get coffee aperkin'.  Didn't work though.  Kitchen staff took the day off.  So as usual, I had to get the coffee going.  Ella, who arose the same time as I, fixed breakfast.  Our usual: one egg, one bacon, one toast.
         While Mrs. Claus worked in the clubhouse, Santa went to the dojo.  No, not to break boards.  Santa delivered presents to thirty-some kids who were doing a 'lock-in' at their karate dojo (while parents enjoyed the night out kidless).
Me & Mrs. Claus
         I have three more appearances to do in the red suit.  This Sunday one of my nieces is bringing her kids and grand-kids for photos.  Tuesday I'll be at a 'Round the clock daycare.  And then on the twenty-second I'll be back a Jolly Holiday Lights.
Then the night of the twenty-fourth through the morning of the twenty-fifth I'll be busy everywhere.  It's a good thing that there are twenty-four time zones to work in.  That way I have a full day to get all those presents delivered in that magical midnight hour.
           Christmas day is on a Sunday so it will be spent at church in the morning with a potluck for those who have no other plans for the day.  Some of us will also be doing a Shepherds' Run on Christmas morning.  We will take a plate of goodies and a Christmas/Thank You card to people who have to work on the holiday.  There are about a dozen business (convenience stores, clinics, fire stations, etc) within a one mile radius of our church, where folks will be required to work.

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