Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 December 14

            What a full Wednesday!  Men’s Bible Study as usual to start the day on Wednesday.  I stopped on the way home to top off the trucks gas tank. A little over twenty gallons.
I wasn’t home too long before we went over to the senior center in Johnston for lunch. Liver and onions, breadstick, baked potato, cookie and cake.  After lunch there was a program with a pianist and a singer.  She sang some show tunes and then switched to Christmas tunes with we joined in on.
We left the senior center about two thirty and went to Plaza RV in Bondurant and wrote them a check for the 1995 Excel RLJM 5th wheel trailer that we looked at the other day.  This wasn’t a trade deal.  We still have the Hitch Hiker that we are living in.  Plaza RV will store the Excel until Spring.  At that point we will move the HH off of our seasonal site and set the Excel in place.  It will become our Northern/Summer home.  The HH will follow us to Texas in the Fall of 2012 and become our Southern/Winter home.  The plan is to leave the HH in storage in Texas when we return to Iowa in the Spring of 2013.
Having finished our business in Bondurant, we drove into Des Moines to our church.  The Wednesday afterschool kid’s group, UP Kids, was presenting a Christmas program for their parents and the rest of our congregation.  While we were waiting for that to start, I had a nice phone visit with Adam about some story ideas he is working on.
Then it was time for a marvelous supper served before the program.  Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, salads and deserts.
We got back home a little after seven this evening.  I updated the checkbook and read some of the blogs that I follow and then started writing this.  While I was writing this, Lynn called and asked if we were going to go to Village Inn for pie.  I’d forgotten that it was “Pie Rush Wednesday”.  So, around nine thirty we are going to go out for pie.
It isn’t just the day that has been full.  I’m stuffed

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