Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 December 15

            So, what did you do today?
            WE awoke to find the RV still standing right side up and right where we left it.  “So what,” you say?  Well … those thirty-four mile an hour gusts really had us rockin’.  I hope you had everything nailed down at your house if your house is anywhere near ours.
            I had the second Bible study with the folks at Emeritus.  Ella asked me how it went.  The truth is, I don’t know how it went.  Before we watched the DVD I told them that the speaker on the DVD asked people what they needed to be saved from.  Then I asked them what they thought they needed to be saved from.  After an uncomfortable silence of staring into their laps, one of them said, “The Devil.”
            After the DVD I tried to engage the group in discussion and got nowhere.  I had been told that they love music so I handed out sheets of lyrics for about a half dozen Christmas hymns.  Then I played MIDI music to sing along with.  Nothing.  I ended up doing a solo.
            As we were finishing up they all thanked me for coming.  One of them even showed me that his room directly across the hall from where we held the meeting.  He said that this was the closest he had ever lived to ‘church’.  Do you see why I say that I don’t know how it went?
            As I left Emeritus I intended to call Ella and ask if she wanted me to pick up cookies on the way home, or if she wanted to go shop for cookies.  Instead, I dialed Adam’s number.  Kids don’t dial and drive!  I did have a nice visit him (earbuds in) while I drove home.

            Once I got home, I asked Ella the question that I intended to ask when I had tried to call her, “Do you want me to stop on the way home and buy cookies or do you want to go shopping?”  It is a good thing that she is used to my weird sense of humor and didn’t even blink when I asked about doing something ‘before’ I came home, when I was already home.

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