Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 December 16

Welcome back Sol, my old friend.  Where have you been keeping yourself?

It is a bright sunshiny morning!  The sun has found its way back to Iowa sunrises.  It has been AWOL for a while.
Hey! I just thought of something; AWOL (absent with out leave) predates LOL, ROFL, LMFAO and all of the other computer short cuts by at least a century.  Who would have guessed that the military would be such a trend setter.
            Speaking of odd words.  I was leaving a comment on a blog that I read regularly and it had me type in the verification code word shown in the little box.  You know the ones that they use to make sure that it is a real live person posting and not a computer spam program.  Anyway the “word” I was asked to type was “unherfuz”.  It started me wondering who makes up these words.  It also got me to thinking that I should start to collect them and then give definitions to the words.
Unherfuz (un-her-fuz)
-verb: unherfuz, unherfuzed, unherfuzing
is a feminine synonym for “shave”.
To remove hair with a razor
-noun: the act of unherfuzing
-related: also see herfuz

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