Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 March 13 Tuesday

Great grandma Ella listening as Lorelia explains how the world works.

The 3 year old who said, "I'm having a conversation about the presentation."
            I awakened right around five o’clock … as usual.  It appears that my body has adjusted to daylight savings time already.  There is no GOOD reason why I should be awake at five in the morning.  Several days a week we have the alarm set for 5:45 so that we can get to Ankeny and watch our great granddaughters for a few hours.  Most days I don’t need the alarm to wake me because I’m just laying in bed awake and waiting for the alarm.
            It is now six thirty-seven in the morning and I have lain abed and watch an hour long TV show on my Droid X smart phone.  I’ve read my emails.  I’ve lurked on Facebook.  I’ve made coffee and eaten my usual breakfast of one strip of bacon, one slice of oatnut toast and one egg.  I’ve clean Kramer the cat’s bowl and given her new food.  And I am now working on this blog post.  In a few minutes I’ll compose a news article for our church’s monthly newsletter and email it to the church office.  Then I’ll just sit and twiddle my thumbs (metaphorically) until my bride awakes and joins me in today’s quests. 

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