Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 march 17th Saint Patrick's day

Not the best picture I've 
ever taken of myself.  But, 
Hey! I'm in severe pain
at the moment.
I'm trying something a little different I'm using my new Razor Max smartphone to speak my blog into existence. I know it's almost like God commanding "Let there be light."

My planter fasciatus is even worse today than it was yesterday. so I'm pretty much bound into this chair for the rest of the day again. In the meantime Ella is working this morning she will work until 2 o'clock this afternoon and then she's off for the rest of the weekend.
I'm thinking that we'll try and go to the saturday night service this evening instead of fuzzy's sunday morning tomorrow.
Now that was interesting instead of typing "the" in the last sentence it typed "fuzzy's".  I can see that I will need to proof read this really well before dudes blog.  It just did it again instead of "it gets", auto correct changed it to "dudes".   Maybe I just have a speech defect. 

My next challenge for this phone is to try and do a video blog.

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